Make your Sweet 16 Better than your Best Friends’


You only turn 16 once and we know you want to throw the best sweet 16 party ever. A sweet 16 party is not a school dance. A lame party can turn the coolest girl into a loser and an amazing sweet 16 party can make anyone popular–and the party you throw will follow you all throughout high school. Here is how to throw a sweet 16 better than your best friends’ and one that will keep them talking for the rest of the year. Continue reading “Make your Sweet 16 Better than your Best Friends’”

Find a Caterer


Whether you are planning a corporate event or a wedding, food is an important aspect. It is what your guests will remember when it’s good, but something they will not forget when it’s not so great. When there is good food, there is more positive energy (twice as much when there’s good alcohol). Understanding the importance of food, how do you find a caterer who will prepare, present and serve the dishes that will have everyone talking about it forever?

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