It’s Time To Plan Your Wedding With Mobile Applications

It doesn’t matter if you’re going it alone, or if you have hired an event planner for your wedding, you need to be using mobile applications before and during the event. A wedding is a big deal,and so should all of the things that go into making sure it all goes as planned, and is the happiest day of the bride’s life. New apps are coming out daily and the utility of these applications can make life smoother and work more productive. We invite you to explore their potential when it comes to event planning of all kinds, but especially when it comes to making her big day the best day of her life. For people that are still a little mobile challenged, using apps for anything may seem like a silly or even nerve wracking notion. Stick with us though, even if that’s you. There is literally an app for everything out there, and there are some that can not only streamline event planning and hosting, but open up a new realm of possibilities. Especially as the millennial generation starts to get married, veteran planners, new comers and DIYers alike are behooved to work these innovative tools into their event planning and management repertoire. Continue reading “It’s Time To Plan Your Wedding With Mobile Applications”

Find a Caterer


Whether you are planning a corporate event or a wedding, food is an important aspect. It is what your guests will remember when it’s good, but something they will not forget when it’s not so great. When there is good food, there is more positive energy (twice as much when there’s good alcohol). Understanding the importance of food, how do you find a caterer who will prepare, present and serve the dishes that will have everyone talking about it forever?

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