Directions from Connecticut

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  1. Go I-95 S then merge onto I-278 W via exit 6B on the lefttoward Triboro Bridge.
  2. Take the exit toward Randalls-Wards Is./Manhattan/FDRDrive.
  3. Continue straight to the Triboro Bridge (portions toll).
  4. Merge onto FDR Drive S.
  5. Take Exit 8 toward I-495/Midtown Tunnel/E 34 Street.
  6. Stay straight to FDR Dr. Service RD W.
  7. Turn right onto E 34th street EXT.
  8. E 34th street EXT becomes E 34 Street.
  9. Turn left onto 2nd Avenue.
  10. Turn right onto east 31st street.
  11. Turn left onto 5th Avenue.
  12. ML&T is on the northeastcorner of 29th Street and Fifth Avenue.