It’s Time To Plan Your Wedding With Mobile Applications

It doesn’t matter if you’re going it alone, or if you have hired an event planner for your wedding, you need to be using mobile applications before and during the event. A wedding is a big deal,and so should all of the things that go into making sure it all goes as planned, and is the happiest day of the bride’s life. New apps are coming out daily and the utility of these applications can make life smoother and work more productive. We invite you to explore their potential when it comes to event planning of all kinds, but especially when it comes to making her big day the best day of her life. For people that are still a little mobile challenged, using apps for anything may seem like a silly or even nerve wracking notion. Stick with us though, even if that’s you. There is literally an app for everything out there, and there are some that can not only streamline event planning and hosting, but open up a new realm of possibilities. Especially as the millennial generation starts to get married, veteran planners, new comers and DIYers alike are behooved to work these innovative tools into their event planning and management repertoire.

Starting Your Planning With Apps

One of the most widely used apps out there right now for people looking for inspiration is for the website Pinterest. If you don’t have a Pinterest account and you are planning a wedding, what were you thinking? You can find so many great ideas, from wedding décor and invitation design, to dresses and going all DIY. Speaking of wedding invitations, while you may still want to do the traditional mailing of invitations and having them mail back an RSVP, you may also want to try an app that can engage them even further when it comes to your wedding. Apps like Wedivite do more than get your guests to the wedding, it lets them feel like they are continually a huge part of the big day, allowing them to suggest songs, get directions to the wedding venue(s), and even take and post photos during the ceremony and parties. Who needs to buy disposable cameras for the tables anymore?

Entertain With Apps

Music is another huge thing that your mobile device can take care of you. If you don’t want to foot for a DJ or you just want to be in complete control of your wedding playlist, you can download any number of music apps. Some will let you pick exactly what you want, or, if you aren’t picky, you can choose something that just plays music from a certain genre. You’ll just need some good Bluetooth speakers. If your wedding reception plans include a slideshow of photos from the happy couple, from childhood up to their beautiful wedding day, you may want to get a slideshow app for your mobile device. Then you can send it to a Wi-Fi projector, rather than dealing with some clunky slide projector or some other nonsense.

Stay In Control With Apps

You may also want to consider using apps that deal with geofencing and push notifications as well, which are both things that can help keep you in control of your wedding events. Geofencing allows you to set a perimeter, and when people leave that perimeter, like the wedding venue, with an activated device you can get a notification. It’s a good way to keep track of your wedding party! Push notifications can help control the wedding party as well, allowing you to send sounds or even some custom alerts to people, letting them know it’s almost time to walk down the aisle, or cut the cake.

Don’t Hate On Apps

There is this myth out there that mobile computing and social media are deluding our experiences and will be the downfall of the millennial generation. It’s been the hip observation of the year for a decade and counting, but it is SO disingenuous. Mobile apps are a powerful tool. For some, that means being a hermit or wasting time at faster speeds and with more efficiency than ever before. And mobile application based event management may not be for everyone or every event, but in the right hands these powerful tools can work miracles and maybe- just maybe- be the key to your memorable and beautiful wedding.