Make your Sweet 16 Better than your Best Friends’


You only turn 16 once and we know you want to throw the best sweet 16 party ever. A sweet 16 party is not a school dance. A lame party can turn the coolest girl into a loser and an amazing sweet 16 party can make anyone popular–and the party you throw will follow you all throughout high school. Here is how to throw a sweet 16 better than your best friends’ and one that will keep them talking for the rest of the year.

How to Throw the Best Sweet 16 Party Ever

Don’t let your parents throw you a surprise party Trust me, they have thought about it and they want to. Sure it’s great to let them deal with all the work, but if you want to throw a sick sweet 16, then you have to be involved to make sure the food, music and entertainment align with your taste and that of your friends’. Choose a sweet theme Whether you want to throw beach themed sweet 16 or a red carpet themed, selecting one will make your party unique and will help you decide on music and food, which will have to represent the theme. Pick an awesome venue The venue will make the first impression on your friends and a cool venue will also make a lasting impression. An awesome venue will make your sweet 16 awesome, so don’t have your party at home. An awesome venue is one with a large dance floor, seating for many people, possibly outdoor space and if it’s in NYC spectacular views. You need a place your friends will love. Have a live band Everybody knows, live bands are cool. A DJ that plays good music and gets people dancing works as well. If you can get a celebrity artist to perform, you don’t need to do anything else for the perfect sweet 16. You need good food Food, not snacks. Your friends will be hungry and if you want them to have a good time you have to feed them. How can they dance without any energy? It doesn’t have to be a sophisticated dinner, just food that you and your friends would like. More entertainment Depending on how many guests you plan to invite to your sweet 16 party, not all people will enjoy the same activities. Have some sort of games and even gifts available for everyone. Your friends will thank you and think you are awesome. Keep parents away This party is about you and your guests. Parents should not be around much. Of course, they will want to keep an eye on things and make sure nothing gets out of control, but don’t let them impose rules and stare your friends down. It’s embarrassing and your friends will feel uncomfortable. Keep them at a safe distance and make sure they don’t talk to your friends. The last thing you want is for them to share a story about your childhood. More Tips
  • Make sure there are no other parties the same day. Don’t make your friends choose between two parties, but ask around and be certain your party is the only one happening.

  • Lights! You need some good party lights and decorations to make your sweet 16 unforgettable.

  • Send invitations at least a month in advance so people can have time to RSVP and make sure your invitations, and everything else, is in accord with your theme.

  • Offer a mode of transportation if your party is a little out of the way. A limo ride contributes to an awesome sweet 16.

  • Talk with your parents. Ask them about how much they can spend and approach them like a mature adult. You want to convince them to throw you the best sweet 16 ever. Be ready to sacrifice on some things, but most important things are the venue and music/entertainment.

  • Get a cool, new outfit. You want to stand out because it is your sweet 16, afterall. You need to feel and look good.

  • Don’t do a roller skating or adventure park sweet 16. Those types of parties are done in elementary and middle school! Rent an awesome venue.