Rethink Corporate Events

corporate event venue When was the last time you were excited to attend a company corporate event? When was anyone ever thrilled to arrive at a training seminar? Honestly, sitting through an interminable, monotone and dull presentation never sounded appealing to me as an employee and, chances are, they don’t sound appealing to your employees either. Here are a few ways to change their perception and keep them awake at your next corporate event, function or conference. Making Corporate Events Dynamic There are many ways to make your corporate event interesting and engaging; you just have to be open to them.There are various corporate event planners who help organize memorable events that engage your employees. Magency Digital is a corporate event planner that recently moved into NYC. They think of creative ways to involve employees in corporate events. But you don’t have to hire an event planner. You can:

1. Choose a different event venue If you hold corporate events regularly, your employees could find the hilton dull and tasteless. Research different corporate event venues; see if there are any that offer special features and select one unique.Try an outdoor event if the season allows, a different neighborhood, or one with beautiful views. Read our guide to finding the perfect event venue. 2. Serve unusual but tasty dishes If you are not offering food and beverages during your corporate events then that is something you have to begin doing. By not providing food your employees and senior staff will have to make time for lunch or dinner, which may be hard on a busy day. This may cause them to be late or easily lose concentration during the event as they think about how hungry they are. Even if you are planning a short event, offer finger foods and hors d’oeuvres. If you are serving some foods have your caterer make some new dishes. 3. Guest speakers I get tired of hearing my voice at times so you can be certain your employees get tired of hearing yours. Invite a partner or an influencer in the industry, if not for a major talk then for an appearance and a few words. If your partners are unavailable, consider hiring a guest speaker. 4. Entertainment Entertainment is not very common in corporate events and that is why I suggest it. Having any form of corporate event entertainment can take a corporate event from blah to awesome and will always get your employees looking forward to the next one. Whether it is live music, team-building activities or ice-breakers, I’d argue this is most successful in creating dynamic corporate events. If you have any other ideas on how to make corporate events more interesting, please share in the comments below. Oh, and if you plan to make a visual presentation, be sure to get advice from Don McMillan on tips for making effective powerpoints.