What Are The Duties of the Best Man?

best man's responsibilitiesSo, you’ve been asked to be the best man in your friend’s (maybe even brother’s?) wedding. That’s great! It’s a position of honor, and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. After the initial handshake and “Thanks for asking me!”, however, you might suddenly be faced with a question that you didn’t anticipate: what exactly does a best man do?

Your Role as the Best Man

Unfortunately, too many guys assume that the alternate title for “best man” is “chief partier.” Now, you know the groom and his personality, so that might be an accurate assumption. On the other hand, you might see a slightly different, more subdued side to your friend as he steps into the roll of groom and is suddenly surrounded by new, extended family members, as well as the flood of pressures and responsibilities that go along with the wedding planning.

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With that in mind, here are a few tips as a well as a reminder of the chief duties of the best man:
  • Communicate – Sure, there will be a lot of fun opportunities to surprise the groom, but start out by talking with him and determining what some of his hopes are regarding the nature of the celebrations, the tone of the parties, and what he might need your help with.
  • Be a help! – As a next step, look for ways that you can shoulder some of the responsibilities, both in the planning stages as well as right through the wedding. You are the groom’s right-hand man. Volunteer to run that errand, pick Aunt Susan up from the airport, or to make sure that the rides are lined up from the wedding to the reception.
  • Plan the bachelor party – The nature of the bachelor party is something that is best left up to the individuals involved, and especially you. But this is important to note: don’t assume that the best choice is the wildest choice, and also make sure that everyone will be comfortable. If there are groomsmen that you don’t know well, invest the time to make sure you know them well enough that you can decide on an activity that everyone will like.
  • Groomsmen’s gift – Yes, customarily the groom gives a gift to his wedding party, but the groomsmen also should contribute toward a gift for him. Take the time to think through something meaningful, and establish a reasonable budget for contributions.
  • Take notes at the rehearsal – You might not literally need to take notes, but pay close attention. Your position is much like that of an “assistant manager.” On the big day, you will need to know the details inside and out!
  • Keep track of the rings – If there is no ring bearer, you will be responsible for handing the ring to the groom during the ceremony.
  • Toast – At the reception, you will be asked to give a toast. Avoid embarrassing stories, and keep it under a few minutes in length. Stay positive, honest, and heartfelt.
  • Help with pictures – In the midst of all the buzz and excitement, it can be too easy to tune the photographer out. Pictures are incredibly important! Help the photographer keep everyone in line, and remember to focus on wherever they tell you to look, even if three other people are trying to get your attention for their own picture.
The bottom line is to communicate, be thoughtful, be helpful, and be organized. Other than that, have fun! Keep things light and keep things moving.

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